FS271M by Farsoon Hi-Tech1/4

FS271M designed by Farsoon High-Technology is the one of the most advanced selective laser melting machine in the world. With this machine, the 3D manufacturing application center of Shandong Sandi Shikong 3D Technology can process metal parts made of stainless steel,titanium alloy, cobalt-chromium alloy,nickel-base alloy, and copper-based alloy. The range of metal parts is 371*271*320 mm. Comparing to traditional manufacturing, the technology of SLM(Selective Laser Melting) enables the manufacturing procedure to be more flexible and to have better performance on mechanical properties. It is suitable for manufacturing industry of aerospace and aviation, weapon, automobile components, mold processing, prosthesis and denture prosthesis.

YBRP-140 by Yibo Sanwei2/4

YBRP-140 SLM 3D metal printer use laser melting technology to form metal components. The products made by them are smaller in size. Under intelligent optimization circumstance, double infrared temperature field detection, integrated control system, and multi-part fast placement algorithm, it is reasonable to prototype metal components rapidly.

EBD-I &EBD-II by East Border3/4

Our company uses an EBD-I and an EBD-II(SLA) to progress photosensitive resin. Both of them are the advanced machine around the country. The largest progress size is 480*500*200 mm. Light cured products are moldess with these machines. It is applicable for industry such as automobile, aerospace, consumer products, biomedicine, dentistry, and skin contact application.

FS402P by Farsoon Hi-Tech 4/4

Our company uses FS402P which is a SLS 3D printer as our nylon progress machine. It is one of the most advanced nylon progress machines of the world, having the fastest printing speed. It can progress nylon materials, such as mineral fiber nylon, carbon fiber nylon, and glass microsphere filled nylon. The largest progress size is 350*350*430 mm. The machine is suitable for pre-verification for new products and small batch processing with moldless procedure and printing directly from digital files. It is applicable for industry such as aerospace and aviation, manufacturing of automobiles, and pre-verification of surgeries to print products without waiting for molding tools.

PLA by Wuyi Sidingnarui 3D Tech Co., Ltd.1/5

Wuyi Sidingnarui Sanwei Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2013. It is mainly for researching and producing FDM consumables and the 3D molding of thermosetting technology. The products from this company has passed 165 safety tests(SVHC) for putting on European malls, MSDS, and 3 phthalate-level tests based on Shanghai Standard Test. There are two Doctors in this company, one of them is majored in polymer science. It is in partnership with SINOPEC Beijing Yanshan Company.

PLA by Zhuopu Neomaterial Technology2/5

Hangzhou Zhoupu Neomaterial Technology Co.,Ltd is specialty at researching and selling polymer materials, 3D printer consumables, and 3D printing pens. The company possesses many patents and has passed the quality system test of ISO9001:2008. All the products are produced under ash-free circumstance. Consumables produced in this company have great performance in toughness, accuracy, and stability in melting point, which enable the consumables to be colorful and sustained. Diameter tolerance is around 0.02mm. Over 16 colors of products are selective to customers. Products from the company have passed international standard tests such as ROHS and REACH.

PLA by Honplas Plastics Technology3/5

Qingdao Honplas Plastics Technology Co.,Ltd is the first company specialzed in researching and producing 3D printing consumables of Shandong Province. Featured products are plastic strips made of ABS and PLA, 3D printing consumables made of ABS and PLA, flexible consumables, and color-changing consumables.


PopBit Electronic Technology, which was founded in 2013, concentrates on researching, producing and selling 3D printers and consumables materials, in the meanwhile, providing professional 3D customized printing service. It possesses many patents and provides first-level products with professional distribution channels in and out of the country, which earns a famous brand in 3D industry.

Metal Powder by Yatong Welding Material5/5

Yatong Welding Material Co.,Ltd, which belongs to Zhejiang Metallurgical Institution Co.,Ltd, is a core enterprise of welding material industry. Also, it is a main member of draft committee company for many national standard in the industry. Over ten national patents owned by the company. It is specialty at researching, producing and selling High-Medium-Low temperature serials of brazing material. Researching and producing in high-temperature materials such as nickel based filler and Al based brazing filter metal; medium-temperature materials like sliver based solder and copper based brazing filler and low-temperature materials to the formation of powder,cream,strip,wire,girdle,circle,ball,segment,piece,and plate. Products are applicable for industries such as aerospace,metallurgy,mechanics,architecture,automobile,refrigeration and electronic instrument.


Advanced technology in 3D desktop printer manufacturing. The printers have unique 3D printing technology of automatic frequency modulation with outfit of elegant matte finish, fully-closed solid damping metal body, dampproof and dustproof in all degrees and constant temperature and anti-curling 3D printing.


Beijing Tianwei Technology, which was founded in 2005, has become the one of the most advanced 3D-printing-solution supplier. Printers of desktop, industry-level and education specified machine and image-processing tools and printing materials are provided by Hori.

Arts maker3/6

With the concept of internet of things embedded, customers can order and control printing remotely using the application developed by the company. The company researches it independently, with all of its proprietary intellectual property and codes. Providing services such as remote diagnosis and maintenance, online printing, and printing data.


Flashforge 3D Technology CO.,Ltd is one of the first professional 3D printing machines and consumables producing and researching company of the country. There are nine serials, dozens types of products, which are range of 3D scanner, 3D design software,3D printer,3D consumables.


The serial of 3DDP is the latest desktop 3D printer designed by Shanghai Shuzao. FDM technology is used by this serial. The printer is more accurate and has fashion outfit with larger formation size. With no noise in progress, it is suitable for office and family.


The body of the printer is fully enclosed and has four doors to open. Patented modules of air filtering to confirm the machine to work ecological. Beams with patent of automatic leveling technology, full-color touch operation, self-shutdown system, real-time speed and temperature regulation and overflow protection are advantages of this serial.



Mass Manufacturing

With millions of investment, 3D manufacturing application center has become a vital department of Shandong Sandi Shikong 3D Technology Co.,Ltd., which possesses five engineers, six industry-level 3d manufacturing machines.

More Machines

3D Printer Consumables

Printer consumables for industrial-level machines include metal powder, nylon powder and photopolymer. Nylon materials, such as PA and GF, metal materials like stainless 316L, Co-Cr alloy and titanium alloy, and photopolymer resin are common 3D printer consumables.

More Consumables

3D Printers

3D printers are available in a range of form-factors, from cost-effective desktop 3D printers ideal for entry-level professionals, all the way to industrial-scale multi-material machines for front-line designers and top manufacturers. 3D printers feature the industry’s highest-resolution 3D printing quality, super-thin layering, wide material versatility, office friendliness and ease of operation.

More Machines

China 3D-Printing Cloud Service Platform

China 3D Intelligent Manufacturing Cloud Service Platform presented by our company offers cloud-based additive manufacturing, which refers to a service-oriented networked manufacturing model in which service consumers are able to build parts through Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). After uploaded model files, system will analyze and generate printing cost in one minute.